May, 2015

How to Make a Connection with Your Interviewer

Make a Connection with Your InterviewerDo you feel like the interviewer doesn’t get you? Have you been misunderstood? If so, rethink how you come across and make a new impression on the day of your interview.

Connecting with your interviewer goes beyond establishing a rapport. You must know how to respond to questions, handle your body language and improve your appearance in order to make a statement. This includes the pace and loudness of your speech pattern and other subtle communication signals. All these elements are important and should not be taken lightly.

Why Make a Connection?

Making a connection is important for a smooth interview. Whether you like it or not, likeability can affect the decision-making stage of hiring. That’s why you have to make yourself likeable during the interview (without trying too hard). You can start by improving your mode of communication and body language.

Your experience and credentials are not enough to bag the job. You must be likeable during the interview to the point that the interviewer begins imagining how great you’ll be with colleagues.

Begin with Awareness

You have to be aware of your communication style before you can make any changes. Make sure your enthusiasm isn’t over the top, and don’t be too timid in answering the questions. Avoid being too intimidating, and don’t be aggressive as if you’re ready to take on the whole company.

It is better to speak in a quiet and well-modulated voice while keeping your gestures to a minimum to prevent the interviewer from being distracted.

Adjust your Attitude

Recalibrate your communication style depending on the interviewer in order to build and sustain a connection. This will have a positive effect on your image, as if you are positioning yourself head and shoulders above your competition.

Take Action

Once you know what you need to change, take action and enhance your natural communication style. You can tweak your style depending on the people you are talking to as you practice. Practice by talking to a lot of people and establishing connections. This will also help you grow your network.

These tips should be able to help you impress the interviewer. Of course, wear a nice smile, wear your polished shoes and keep your head up to emit positive energy when you enter the room.

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