Mar, 2020

How to Prove Productivity When Working from Home

How to Prove Productivity When Working from HomeWorking from home is becoming a more popular work set up for many companies of today. Why not? Switching to this setup can benefit both employees and companies alike in a variety of ways. Besides the fact that employers can save money and resources by letting their people work remotely, the workers themselves can enjoy certain perks such as flexibility, more personal time and comfort.


But while working remotely entails several benefits, it has a few downsides, too. One of them is tracking of the employees’ productivity. Now this doesn’t mean that companies can’t trust their workers. However, it’s also not easy for them to see your effectiveness and dedication at work. Learn how to prove you’re productive even when working in the comfort of your home by following these tips!

Leverage collaborative tools
With the existence of collaborative tools and applications, working remotely doesn’t have to be as challenging. Leverage these resources to make collaborating with your colleague easy and efficient. Using tools like Basecamp and Trello can help you manage your tasks and ensure that they are done on time. Also maximize video calling platforms and messaging apps so that you can easily reach out to bosses and colleagues and vice versa. Not only will this make your presence visible during your shift, it will also give you opportunities to be of assistance to coworkers who need your help.

Be responsive
It’s easy for your boss to see how you bury your nose in a pile of workload in an office set up. And because this isn’t the case when you work from home, what you can do to prove you’re working on your desk is to be responsive. Make sure you’re paying close attention to urgent emails, chats and messages throughout your shift. Reply to messages or requests in a timely manner. Even if the task you are asked to do doesn’t get finished until the next hour or two, at least make an effort to let your boss know you have received the task and that you will be working on it.

Be present during meetings
Meetings, whether scheduled or not, are going to take place even when you’re working remotely. And your attendance is extremely important when these meetings are called. Also make sure to be engaged and actively participating because this is your chance to get updates and raise stuff concerning your work.

Strictly adhere to deadlines
Whether you’re working from home or in an office, your ability to adhere to deadlines is an excellent proof that you’re doing your job and not slacking off. Show your boss your productivity by completing a task before or on the due date. However, if the timeframe you’re given isn’t realistic, be sure to discuss it with your manager so you don’t end up finishing the task late.

Staying productive while working from home can be challenging, let alone proving it to your bosses. But with the help of these tips, you will give your managers the confidence that things are getting done and work is completed.

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