Mar, 2020

3 Tips to Make the Transition from Working Remotely to Office Role Easier

3 Tips to Make the Transition from Working Remotely to Office Work EasierWorking from home or working remotely offers several advantages. For people who want to have more control over their time, want to have more flexibility and those who want to earn money in the comfort of their own home, doing remote work is like living the dream. However, the decision to go in-house isn’t necessarily for everyone.


If you have always been doing your hustle at home and have decided to make the move to take on an office role, you might find the shift challenging. But it doesn’t have to be. Read on and learn how to make the leap from working remotely to taking on an office role as smooth as possible.

Determine why you’re making the switch
So one day you woke up realizing that you’re not happy with what you’re doing anymore. Then you contemplate whether or not it’s time to apply for a regular job or employment. Instead of deciding on a whim, take time to consider your reasons for the switch. Ask yourself what it is about your current work that doesn’t make you happy. Are you making the move because you don’t want the isolation? Or are you doing it simply because you’re not happy with the remote company you’re working for or the job you’re doing?

By being clear on your reasons, the decision-making process will be easier. It will make the transition more smooth-sailing, too. This way, you won’t have to second-guess your choice when the tough times come or when you find yourself struggling with your new office role.

Make the transition gradual
Going from a 100% remote work to a full-time regular can be extremely overwhelming especially when you haven’t been used to this environment for years. But instead of going full blast on your new office role, consider making the transition gradual. Remember that there are many things you will have to give up when you switch to a full-time office work - flexibility, schedule, isolation and more.

Try to find out if your new role would allow you to work from home even for just 2 to 3 days in one week while you’re going through the transition. Do this until you’re completely settled into the transition.

Make yourself comfortable
If there’s one thing people love about working from home, it’s the convenience. You have the coffee pot within your arm’s reach. You have the luxury of a flexible schedule where you can own your time and achieve work-life balance. You don’t have to spend on clothes or put a lot of effort in getting dressed up unless you have an important client meeting because yes, you can be in your pajamas all day long!

While not everything you can do at home is feasible in an office environment, you can still make your office feel like home with a few simple steps. You can bring a small plant or a cute little pillow. You can also use your personal headphones and play soft music while you work if that makes you more efficient. The goal is to make your new office feel more comfortable and familiar.

Working from home is great for a variety of reasons. But if you think it’s time to change your working environment and decide to do a full-time job at a new company, these tips should come in handy to help you with the transition.

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