Why a Postgraduate Internship May Work for You

Why a Postgraduate Internship May Work for YouAccepting an internship even if you have a college degree can still offer needed experience.

Have you ever thought about accepting an internship even after getting a college degree? Believe it or not, there are several reasons why taking a post-grad internship can be good for you:

1. You’ve been unemployed for too long. If your job search is not going anywhere, it may be the right time to look into an internship. Long-term unemployment doesn’t look good on a resume. Instead of increasing that gap, fill it with internships that may provide you with some good experience and some new skills.

Unpaid internships can still provide you some benefit because they contribute to your professional development. You never know how an internship could help you build your personal brand.

2. Internship programs for college graduates. There are companies that are more interested in hiring graduates as interns. You may be able to find a company that offers a good salary and benefits post-internship. And you may even get an offer if you perform well!

3. You didn’t intern enough during college. Well, now’s the perfect time to go for it! In some cases, graduates who’ve had only one internship or no internships are simply not qualified for certain entry-level positions, so you can only help yourself by accepting an internship if you’re looking for specific work. And internships reflect a proactive stance on your resume, regardless of your work history. They help in the process of looking for real, paying jobs.

4. You’re a graduate student. If you’re earning a master’s or doctorate degree, it’s appropriate to reflect your knowledge and skills through internships. It will be that much easier to find work after you finish your post-graduate degree.

5. Internships may turn into job offers. Even if the company you’re interning for isn’t hiring, your performance as an intern may be filed away in the memories of those in charge, and they may think of you when an opening does come up. So do consider work as an intern in order to open up new employment opportunities.

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