4 Job Search Excuses That Simply Don’t Cut It

4 Job Search Excuses That Simply Dont Cut It Keep yourself motivated during the job search process — it’s key to your career success.

Do you feel like your job search is taking a while? Don’t get upset. This is normal for a job search. Finding a job — and the right job for you —usually won’t happen overnight.

Staying the course is important if you want your efforts to pay off. Realize that you have to be persistent in looking for a job in order to find the right fit.

Since the process takes time, it’s important not to let yourself feel downhearted if you don’t get a call. The following thoughts can impede your job search:

“It’s taking too long.” Remember that anything worth having is worth waiting for. Looking for a job is not easy. You must be willing to wait until an opportunity opens up. It will take time and effort to get the right job.

Perhaps you can make some life changes — and focus on what you have, and what you actually are in control of,to help yourself maintain a more positive outcome. Do your part to reach your goal, be patient, and the right thing will come your way.

“My skills are rusty — I haven’t been interviewed in years.” This shouldn’t be an excuse or a block. Instead of dwelling on the negativity, think of a skills gap as an opportunity to meet new people as you go on a learning quest. Even if your interview skills are rusty, you can still highlight your skills and strengths by asking intuitive questions in preparation for and during interviews.

“I don’t even have a resume.” This is a silly excuse. You can always work on one. Get moving by doing your research on how to draft a resume. Perhaps you can ask someone in the HR department of the company you’re interested in to help check your resume with a fresh set of eyes.

Not having a resume shouldn’t prevent you from networking and having meaningful conversations with other people. At the same time, you can learn how to improve your resume from others and increase your chances of getting the job.

“My resume will just go into a black hole online, so I won’t waste my time submitting anything.” This is like giving up a fight without even trying. There are certain ways to craft your resume that will get it through the applicant tracking system.

As long as you use the right keywords and know where to place them, there’s a greater chance for your resume to get into the hands of a recruiter. You can always search online for specific tips to pass the automated tracking system.

Remember that a job search is a work in progress. You may not get a call now, but at least you’re utilizing your time to become a better candidate once an amazing opportunity comes your way.

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Alan Carniol

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