Whatever Happened to Connecting with People

Whatever Happened to Connecting with PeopleAs you know, I'm all about putting more irons in the fire, building bridges, opening new doors -- anything that can attract job opportunities your way.
It's about being proactive.
What always amazes me -- even though I've been helping folks land their dream job for a long time now -- is that some of the best job opportunities come from the strangest and most unexpected places.

Here's a small thing you can do today -- i.e. right now -- that can open new doors and help you attract new opportunities.
Now, let me be clear:
I'm not saying this will get you a job, and I can't promise this tip will lead to *direct* opportunities by itself. What I can promise, though, is that it will bring something positive into your life, one way or another, and that it will strengthen your "gravitational field". Do you understand what I'm saying?
Here's my tip:
Grab and pen and paper, and take a seat.
I want you to think back over every job you ever had, and write down the names of any co-workers, friends, or colleagues whom you liked, whom you got on well with, but with whom you lost touch.
Do you ever wonder what happened with them?
Are you ever curious about how their life turned out, what they're doing?
Let's find out.
Nowadays, it's easy to track someone down on Facebook or LinkedIn.
Go ahead and track them down. Send a message.
Talk about old times. Exchange memories.
Invite them out for a beer, or a "Skype coffee".
You might be surprised about what your old friend/colleague is working on now. There might be some synergy with the kind of opportunities you're looking for. He/she might be able to introduce you to someone. You might gain some valuable intel. (Just make sure that, when you do this, you don't come off as needy. Don't mention that you're looking for a job too soon.)
Something good always followed when I've done this.
Make it your mission for today.
This is just one of many different ways you can open doors and attract job opportunities. In fact, this is one of the "softer" and more indirect methods.
If you need to find solid, more direct job opportunities FAST (particularly those opportunities that aren't advertised publicly), then you'd get a lot of value from running through my Dream Job Formula program.

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