Boxed Out Of The Office

Boxed Out Of The OfficeA member of our community asks:
"I'm being boxed out of the office. Is there anything I can do?"
It can happen to the best of us.
One day, things are fine. You get along with everyone. Then a new boss takes over or a new employee joins the team, and, suddenly, the dynamic changes.

Now it seems like your co-workers don't talk to you.
They exclude you in subtle ways.
It's hard to prove that something's going on from any one action alone, but when you put it all together the message is clear:
"You're not welcome here."
Is there anything you can do?
Can you turn things around and repair your status in the office?
Yes... you can.

Here’s a list to get you started.

Try to Learn About the Coworkers Who Don't Like You

If you got along with your coworkers previously and things have only changed recently, find out more about them. Find what they’re going through, give them the benefit of the doubt. There’s a chance that they’re just going through something which caused the change and that reason is not you.

Identify Whether You're Actually the Problem

It takes a lot of courage to admit that you’re causing the problem. But you really have analyze everything and not just blame yourself for how things are going.

Ask for Help
If the situation is affecting your work, go talk to your manager. Go to your HR and ask for help. Don’t shoulder the burden of figuring this on your end. You can always ask for help.
I've always found that if it has gotten to the point where you're being boxed out of the office by your so-called "colleagues", then it's time to start looking for greener pastures. It's better for your health, and it's better for your sanity.
You need a fresh start.
You need to put your energies toward finding new opportunities.
I can help you with that.
You might want to take a look at our Dream Job Formula program.
It walks you through the process of:
(a) finding job opportunities that are NOT "listed" on the public jobs market;
(b) reaching out to hiring managers the right way (as the prize); and
(c) landing job interviews through the side door -- i.e. bypassing HR.

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