What Your Body Language Really Says About You

What Your Body Language Really Says About YouLet’s talk about the power of body language.

Body language is an inseparable part of communication for all of us. Yet few people ever discover how to speak and read body language effectively.

This is unfortunate because we all communicate with our bodies (whether we’re aware of it in the moment or not) and it can affect the outcome of almost any social interaction.

With a tiny shrug, head tilt, or eyebrow raise, we communicate volumes without uttering a single word. And when we do speak, body language adds meaning and increases impact.

Body language can enhance communication, but it can also reveal feelings and thoughts when we’d rather keep them private. It can create a positive vibe or give the wrong impression, despite what we say.

That’s why mastering body language is a vital life skill.

Because as we all know, actions speak louder than words. So your body language can work for you or against you in any social interaction. It can open up opportunities or it can close them. What your body says could even make or break a job interview by communicating relaxed confidence or uneasiness.

Start analyzing what you are communicating with the body language that you’ve been showing people. Is it showing someone who is confident in their skill or is it someone that should be doubted?

If you have failed repeatedly during your interviews despite preparing well for all possible interview questions they might throw at you or researching about the company as much as you.

Maybe it’s not the words that coming out of your mouth, it’s the message that your body is saying to the interviewers.

In many ways, mastering body language is like choosing a power suit.

Because a well-fitting power suit not only affects how you feel – it also affects how others perceive you and how they treat you as a result.

Your power suit also must be tailored to fit perfectly. It has to reflect who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to achieve. You can’t just borrow someone else’s suit and expect to look instantly look and feel “confident.”

In the same way, the body language you use has to fit you as an individual.

You can’t borrow the body language of another and emulate “confidence”. Because body language that helps one person look confident and collected can make another look foolish. But when you develop your own power body language and use it correctly, others will naturally perceive you as confident – and treat you accordingly.

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Alan Carniol

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