What are Interpersonal Skills and How they Can Help you in your Career

What are Interpersonal Skills and How they Can Help you in your CareerThe importance of interpersonal skills in a workplace cannot be discounted. These skills allow an individual to create and develop good working relationships with their co-workers, clients and bosses which are a crucial factor in their career success. But what exactly are interpersonal skills?

 Interpersonal skills refer to the behaviors that allow you to work harmoniously with others. Regardless of the nature of your job, possessing these skills will tremendously impact the progress of your career and help you accomplish more. It will also open more opportunities for promotion and growth. Below are the different types of interpersonal skills:

Communication skills
Communication, no matter how underestimated, will always be one of the most crucial areas of interpersonal skills. Just imagine the number of conflicts you’ve had to deal with because of misunderstanding or miscommunication. Whether personal or professional, effective communication is key to getting along with other people well.

Effective communication means being able to clearly get your message across to your colleagues, bosses and other people you come in contact with at work - both written and oral. This is not limited to verbal communication, however, because it also has to include appropriate body language and other non verbal cues. Be precise with your message when talking to someone in person or when writing an email. Do the same when responding to their messages.

Conflict management
Whether you’re involved in the management team or a regular employee, conflicts in the workplace are something you’ll have to encounter and resolve at some point. Conflicts are, after all, inevitable. What matters is how well you handle them.

Conflict management requires that you listen to both parties objectively without prejudice or biases. It involves providing constructive criticisms, mediating and counseling. Then, you’ll have to arrive at a solution that will be fair to both sides.

Emotional intelligence is just as important as intellect. In fact, it’s the true core of your interpersonal skills. It refers to your ability to understand and handle your own feelings and emotions while empathizing with other people as well.

When working and interacting with other people, it’s important that you learn how to put yourself in their shoes. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of why they feel or act in certain ways. Trying to look at things from another person’s perspective will help you treat them with compassion and fairness.

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