4 Ways to Follow up on a Job Application

4 Ways to Follow up on a Job ApplicationSo, you have put in a lot of time and effort into the job search process. Then you’ve found your dream role and submitted your application. However, the waiting game is making you anxious and you aren’t sure how much longer you should wait. Should you proactively follow up? The answer is yes!

 Even if there are a lot of possible reasons behind an employer not getting back to you immediately, there’s nothing wrong with politely sending a follow up. In fact, it might help your application as it shows how serious you are about landing the role which could make you stand out from the crowd.

Not sure how to go about following up with your job application? Here are some tips to help you out!

Follow up through email
Sending your job application follow up through email can be done if the company has provided their email address. Wait for approximately one week after you submitted your application before drafting an email to confirm if they have received your application. Utilize this opportunity to make the company feel how interested and enthusiastic you are for the role.

If, after your first time, you still haven’t heard back from the hiring manager, another email can be sent to indicate genuine interest about the job and an inquiry about the next steps you should take.

Contact the hiring manager directly
If the contact details of the hiring manager has been provided and you have already sent an email, you may also contact them through a phone call. Be sure to ask if it’s a convenient time for them to take your call. Otherwise, ask for another time when you can call back.

When talking to the hiring manager, make sure you address them by their name, and then introduce yourself. Confirm the receipt of your application and let them know you are interested in the position. Also, try to discuss how you can be of help with any challenges and if they need more information related to the application.

Be creative
Can’t find an email address or phone number to reach the hiring manager? Try to be a bit more creative! Use the internet to look for other options. Check the company’s website and look for names of people who could be connected with the position you’re applying for. Take note of the names whether or not you have found their contact details.

Check these names further online and hunt for their contact details, especially email address. You can go ahead and send them an email similar to the one you’re sending to the hiring manager but of course, don’t make it exactly the same.

Leverage your connections
Do you know anyone from the company? Maybe they can help you do a follow up. If they can’t talk to the hiring manager for you, at least they can help by putting you in touch with someone who can.

Waiting to hear back from the employer or hiring manager is all part of the application process but if you think you’ve waited long enough, don’t be scared to do a follow up because there are proper ways to get it done and it can help boost your chances of landing your dream role.


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