5 Effective Ways to Job Hunt On the Go

Effective Ways to Job Hunt On the GoSince most of us use smartphones to get online nearly every day, it’s wise to use your smartphone to look for a better job, even on the go. Living in a fast-paced society shouldn’t stop you from looking for a better career.

There are multiple job boards available, such as Monster and CareerBuilder, that can help you apply for positions using your smartphone. You can also take advantage of the LinkedIn app and Glassdoor to get to know companies and their employees better.

If you’re always out and about, here are some tips to help you look for a job no matter where you are:

Know what can be done best on which screen. You can look for a job with your smartphone, but drafting your cover letter and resume works better with a laptop on-hand. It will be easier to format documents with a computer monitor in front of you rather than trying to squeeze everything into the view on your smartphone. Simply attach the full document when applying for jobs through various apps.

Make full use of mobile sites and apps for research. During your time between to-do’s, you can use your spare time to search for new jobs and positions together with potential employers using different mobile sites and apps. You can also use these platforms to search for news relevant to your job search.

Take advantage of utility apps. Utility apps can be used to increase your productivity when job hunting. To track just about anything, you can install Evernote and collect notes on everyone you’ve met in a conference, gathering or a networking meeting.

Know your app’s limitations. Personalize your invite links as much as possible. If an app doesn’t let you do that, make sure it will automatically send a boilerplate message on your behalf. Always keep track of people with whom you want to connect with, and don’t make the approach until you can personalize messages by using a computer or writing a handwritten note.

Beware of your phone’s limitations. Turn off Autocorrect to prevent potentially embarrassing issues. Always make sure that your profiles are free of typos. Make sure all of your replies and notes don’t appear sloppy.

Though apps are a great help to our lives, always keep in mind that they are only tools and you are still the master. Let mobile apps help represent your personal brand in the best possible light and help you find new work.

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