Top 3 Things to Include in Your Resume

Top 3 Things to Include in Your ResumeFind out how to revise your resume the right way.

Have you been looking for a job over the past couple of months? Do you remember the last time you updated your resume? It’s probably a good idea to give your file a tweak if you haven’t edited it recently. If you want to match the demands of employers, you need to be prepared for the new realities of job search to avoid being pushed out by other candidates.

To help you revise your resume, here are some tips you may want to consider:

1. Work on your keywords. Recruiters are hunting for candidates online, and you need to stand out among the rest of your online competitors. This includes using keywords or word combinations that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

Include keywords related to your skills and industry to make it easier for hiring managers to track you down. Using appropriate keywords will help direct a bigger audience to your online profile.

2. Quantify your achievements. Don’t forget to include sufficient data and metrics on your resume. You can share key details of a project you’ve worked on in the past and illustrate how you were able to deliver good results. Include numbers to describe the impact of your work.

Numbers are an effective way for hiring managers to understand how successful you’ve been in current and previous roles. Only use general terms if you know you can back them up with figures in an interview.

3. Create a customized message. To show your uniqueness, it’s best to tailor your message to each job you’re applying for, rather than creating one generic message.

Write a cover letter aimed at a specific organization and do your research to know which job skills and experiences you should be focusing on. Keep in mind that the details of your resume should explain how you meet the needs of the company to help them reach their goals as you build your career at the same time.

The online job search environment has drastically changed over the years. Be aware of these changes to revise your resume to your advantage. Evaluate what’s most important to recruiters, use job-related keywords, specific dates, and be sure to customize each resume to increase your chances of getting hired

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