5 Effective Tools Job Seekers Should Master

5 Effective Tools Job Seekers Should MasterAs with any project, having the right tools is important, and job hunting is no exception. To increase your chances of getting hired, here are some of the tools you need:

1. Your Story

Your story should include your work style, strengths, abilities, achievements and qualifications, including the journey of your career.

This is where you can share your personal brand to stand out. Knowing how to organize your story will make a real difference in how you come across.

2. Resume

When you have a story, translate it into your resume. Create a positive impression that you’ll be able to meet the needs of the company.

Don’t forget to include challenges you’ve faced in the past and how you were able to overcome them successfully. Where you were able to achieve results, share.

3. LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is now considered essential for every professional out there. Don’t sit idle after signing up for your account. Maximize the tool by sharing your stories in a personal way to a larger audience. LinkedIn is a great platform for you to get to know people in your field and grow your network.

4. Professional organizations

Are you a member of a professional organization? If so, make time to attend meetings—This is another opportunity for you to build your network. Joining professional organizations can further your professional education. You can learn new skills and keep your current skills honed at the same time.

5. Wardrobe

A first impression lasts. How you look says a lot about your personal brand. Wear professional attire for professional engagements. Make sure your clothes are not wrinkled, and that your shoes are perfectly shined, and help people see what you have to offer.

Happy job hunting!

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Alan Carniol

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