Tips to Keep Your Job Search a Secret

Tips to Keep Your Job Search a Secret Learn how to look for a new job under the radar.

Do you have plans to look for a new job? Perhaps you want a change of working environment that will help you advance your career, and be more productive as an employee. Whatever the reason, you need to look for a new job outside office hours to avoid sending red flags to your colleagues.

It’s important to keep your job search a secret from your current employer. Here are some tips to help:

Never use company resources.

Don’t ever use your work phone or computer when looking for a job. (You shouldn’t search during office hours, ever.) Though it might be tempting to do so, avoid using your personal gadgets while working. It can be detrimental if someone sees what you’re up to. Look for job opportunities outside of the office when you’re not clocked in.

Don’t make drastic changes in your LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn is the most-used platform for recruiters and employers. Make sure to toggle your notifications settings to Off before making any changes to your LinkedIn profile. Then, you can update your profile and include the right skills for the jobs you’re interested in.

Make sure the changes you make don’t scream that you are looking for a new job. You can change your headline without tipping off your employer by excluding any words or phrases that indicate you’re in job-hunting mode.

Tell People Your Job Search is Confidential

It’s okay for people not to know when you’re looking for a new job. You can grow your network without bringing up your search. In case you are asked, state that you are still employed at the moment, and that you would like to keep your job search confidential.

Be careful in posting your resume.

Don’t post your resume on platforms and in databases—Your current employer might come across your resume. If you already have resumes posted, it’s best to remove your name and contact information and use your profession as your name instead.

You can list your current employer as confidential and clear any information from your resume that would tip off your current manager. To avoid getting spam, you can create a separate email address for your job search.

Launching a confidential job search shouldn’t be difficult as long as you network actively and manage your online reputation. Stay connected with your network and offer to lend a helping hand as people reach out to you while you wait for the next big break in your career.

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