How to Review a Stalled Job Search

How to Review a Stalled Job SearchHere’s how to get back on track in your job search.

When it comes to your professional career, wishing for something to happen won’t do you any good. Taking action is still the best approach, especially when it comes to your job search journey.

However, there are individuals who may have started looking for a job with a bang, but ended up getting frustrated down the road. When this happens, it’s sometimes easier to just take a break and reorganize.

If you’re currently on a job search break, here are some tips to help you get back in the game:

1. Have realistic goals.

Have you measured your skills and qualifications? How will these be a match to your dream job? Make sure you have a clear vision of what you can offer to the company in order to sell your personal brand effectively.

If you think your skills are getting rusty, applying to a cutting-edge firm may not be the best option. Look for job descriptions that match your skills in order to have a chance to win the position available. You must have a clear grasp of how you perform as an employee.

2. Use the best tools to your advantage.

This includes your network, resume, personal brand and even your professional profile on LinkedIn. If you’re not getting enough responses, there’s probably something wrong with your resume.

Check your resume for minor errors and organize your data in a way that lets you attract more employers. The same thing goes for your profile on LinkedIn. Look for typos and make sure your profile doesn’t look like it was carelessly created for the sake of having a LinkedIn account. Use this social media tool to share your personal brand with a larger audience.

3. Take action.

Now is the time to get back to your quest to find a job that will help advance your career. You can only do this by creating a more organized resume and customized cover letters for every employer you’re applying to.

Be proactive in looking for a job by checking different job boards from the companies you’ve been targeting. Don’t just send out resumes with generic cover letters and cross your fingers.

Change your approach in looking for a job and earn that dream job you’ve longed for.

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