Tips on How to Network Effectively

Tips on How to Network EffectivelyYour network is composed of various people that you have met in your life. Some may come from your school, work, volunteer work, clubs or other social gatherings you have attended in the past. Though it can be difficult to stay in touch, make sure to send greetings at least once or twice a year.

Here are some easy tips on how to connect with your network:

1. Email

Just about everyone who goes online uses an email address. Look over your contacts and send a short message when you have a few moments to do so. You can catch up on little things or inform people about something that will interest them. If you don’t have someone’s email address, you can look them up on their company website or other social media platforms.

2. Engage in a Twitter Conversation

It’s very easy to connect with someone using Twitter. Make use of the character limits and type a short message to engage in small talk. You can also exchange contact information using the DM for your privacy.

3. Facebook Messages

This can be tricky since your message can go straight to a hidden folder if you are not friends on Facebook. Make sure to look for mutual friends first and ask for an introduction via email. You don’t want your message to end up not being read while you wait for a response.

4. LinkedIn Conversations

Did you know that there’s a messaging window in the desktop version of LinkedIn? This is a powerful tool—You can look for people you know who can introduce you to the person you want to connect with. Simply click on the profile of someone and open the message window to use this feature.

There are multiple online platforms available that make it easier for you to reach out to people in the same industry and add them to your network. Make sure you reach out to them from time to time to build a genuine relationship.

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