Thinking of Quitting without Notice? Here are Reasons to Think Twice

Quitting without NoticeAs an employee, there are instances when you just want to quit your job. There are times when you just want to give in to the temptation of quitting, but there are also reasons why you need to think twice before doing so.

Reputation – The common practice when resigning is to give two weeks’ notice; anything less is unprofessional and will hurt your reputation. It ruins your reputation with co-workers, clients, and future employers, eventually impacting your career because you will be perceived as petty and unprofessional.

To Show Them When you have an employer who does not treat his or her employees right, sometimes you feel like you want to quit a job just to prove a point. In the end, you’re quitting your job without the employer even caring, and now you’re finding yourself unemployed.

Reference Checks – Any company would like to hire an employee who is both skilled and has good character. An employee who has a good attitude will always be preferred over someone who has skill but a bad attitude. There will always be times when your attitude will be questioned by an interviewer once you quit without notice.

Relationships If you think that quitting your job without notice is “cool” and leaves your employer with a big hole to fill, think again. All you are doing is leaving your former co-workers figure out and do your job while the company tries to find a replacement.

People come and go in businesses. When you work in the same industry, it shouldn’t be surprising to find former co-workers becoming future employers, as well.

Quitting without notice may seem like the best decision at the moment, but you should also think of the repercussions it could have in your professional career. It hurts your job search and your income stream.

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Alan Carniol

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