Turning a Summer Job or Internship to a Full-Time Job

Turn Summer Job to Full Time JobDuring the summer, many students look for jobs to earn cash while school is out. To most people, summer jobs are regarded as just that: something temporary. Summer jobs or internships are really meant to be short-term, but why not take advantage of the opportunity? Summer jobs or internships are a great stepping stone to a career and eventually your dream job.

If you feel you want turn your internship or summer job into a full-time position, here are some tips on how to do it:

Choose a company you like – Turning a summer job to a full-time job should occur at a place you can see yourself working for a long time. When applying for an internship or summer job, you should consider whether working there is something you can use to get an advantage over other candidates in the future. The target company should be in the industry you would like to pursue.

Do your best – After you get a position at a company you like, do your best at the tasks assigned. Yes, these tasks may feel menial or boring at times, but this shouldn’t be a reason for you not to do your best. If you were assigned to manage or file records, think about how to do this more efficiently. Come up with ideas on how you can make a difference. After you finish your current tasks, ask for additional work in which you will gain valuable experience and help the business.

Connect with everyone – Due to the common notion of these positions being temporary, students don’t use this opportunity to network. You should also create relationships with other people in the company, and not just those on your department. Connecting with these people will be useful when you apply for a full-time position in the company, and because the people in the company will already know you and what you can do, you will have a better chance of landing a job.

Gain experience – Having a summer job or internship in an environment in which you want to work is the perfect opportunity to gain experience that will help you to get a full-time job. You will have firsthand experience in knowing how it feels to work in your chosen field.

Summer jobs and internships shouldn’t be thought of as less important. These jobs allow you to gain valuable experience and connections with people that you can use to get the career you want. You will have an easier time during your job search and interview.

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Alan Carniol

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