The SWITCH - Body Language Secret

The SWITCH Body Language SecretDid you ever notice this?

You're having a "high stakes" conversation with someone, like a job interview, or a salary negotiation, or a tense discussion with a friend.

And although it all started so well, there comes a point when you realize that the vibe has changed and the entire conversation has been derailed.

You replay it over and over again in your head during the drive home and think about where you might have blown it, but you cannot think of anything that you might have said or done. In fact, if you could start the day over again, you'd probably just do the same thing. So what happened?

Here's what happened:

It's a phenomenon I call the "switch".

This is a pivotal moment that you'll see in almost every conversation – *if* you know what you're looking for (it's not obvious).

At this moment, the person you're speaking with (i.e. the interviewer, your boss, a friend or neighbor, etc.) feels a small pang of doubt or uneasiness.

This small and fleeting feeling is like a match. If you spot it early, you can blow it out effortlessly with a small puff, and everything is just fine. But if you don't see it and respond in time, this match will burn your opportunity to the ground.

In other words, this small feeling of doubt will grow and dominate your conversation together. (Sometimes, when this happens in a group conversation or an interview with a panel, it's like you become invisible. They ignore you.)

On the other hand, if you can spot the switch when it happens, you can get to the bottom and solve whatever the underlying issue is, and both you and your conversation partner can move forward with greater trust and respect.

So how do you spot the switch?

Body language.

There are always tell-tale signs, and if you know what to look for, they're easy to see. That's the good news.

And the bad news?

I can't tell you what to look for, because these body language signs are different for everyone. (They depend on that person's "baseline body language" which depends on their personality and temperament.)

That's why you really need to learn how to interpret body language properly.

Body Language Success Code isn't only about communicating with strong and confident body language. It also trains you to understand body language.   

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