Speed Up Your Career Progression in 5 Easy Ways

Speed Up Your Career Progression Climbing the corporate ladder requires more than just hard work, networking and connecting with mentors.

Ever felt like you’re overqualified for your job? No need to worry — There are things you can do to get where you want to be faster. Success won’t happen overnight, but simply shortening the time frame will help mentally.

Here are some ways to speed up your progress:

Do good work. This should be a given no matter what your educational level. Make sure to accomplish all the tasks given to you on time, without sacrificing quality. Keep in mind that your hardworking attitude and ethics will be remembered.

If possible, be willing to take on additional duties to help a colleague from time to time. This will show your dedication and perspective on teamwork and boost your image.

Look for a mentor. It doesn’t have to be a formal mentor-peer relationship. You can have more than one mentor for different fields that you may be considering shifting into. Doing this helps you gain multiple perspectives and meet professionals in and out of your organization.

When feeling unsure, you can ask your peers or human resources representatives about individuals to reach out to. Perhaps you can join professional mentoring groups in town.

Develop your skills. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to learn new skills. There are numerous websites that offer free online courses. A formal license or certificate is not necessarily needed to acquire knowledge that can be applied on the job.

Promote yourself. Managers may not have the time to advocate for you. Don’t wait for other people to sing your praises. In a nonabrasive manner, you can promote your good work by setting up check-in meetings with your boss to review your work in detail. You can also potentially talk about what other things you can do to get to the next level.

In case your boss is not willing to engage with you, HR can be a resource. Review your options to move the process along.

Network. This should be done in and out of your company. You can set up short conversations with your peers and senior colleagues. Ask about five or so questions regarding the levels you’re interested in.

You can make use of LinkedIn to connect with people of the same background. You can ask them questions that may be of help to your career progress. (Ask them via phone call or email exchange in case they are not available to meet you in person.)

Moving towards your career target quickly is indeed possible. Consider the steps listed above to help you reach your goals at a faster pace and keep moving forward.

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