5 Ways to Keep Career Goals Moving Forward

Keep Career Goals Moving Forward Accomplishing your top career objectives is possible as long as you have the right action plan in mind.

Do you hope to land a new job or promotion within the next 12 months? As the new year picks up its pace, how are your work-related resolutions holding up? Here are some tips on how to stick with those work resolutions with grace and perseverance:

Job Stability. To achieve job stability, you need to conduct your own searches. Research prospective employers thoroughly. Though no one really knows how stable any given job may be, with a bit of digging, you’ll get a better idea of your work prospects.

Here are some questions you may want to consider:

  • Was the company acquired recently?
  • Why is the position available?
  • How long did the last person work within that position?
  • Does the company have an outsourcing team based in another country?

Don’t stress about it. Meditate at least a couple of minutes at some point each day as a part of your daily routine to get rid of negativity that can keep you from moving forward. Try listening to guided meditations or relaxing music during your free time. If you have limited time to set aside, you can practice relaxation while commuting (make sure you aren’t driving!).Get the amount of sleep you need each night, practice good nutrition, and be sure to exercise — it can boost your mood when things get tough.

Eat healthy. Instead of bringing a bag of chips to work, snack on healthy foods like almonds or fruits. Avoid the snack machine as much as possible to slim down your spending and calorie intake.

Get that raise or promotion. To help the cause, make yourself visible. Start with your own internal (positive) personal branding by speaking up at meetings. Don’t hesitate to raise your hand to let your boss know that you’re aiming to move ahead. If you have a good relationship with your current boss, see if you can set up a meeting and outline how to make upward movement happen. What steps do you need to take? How about the time frame?

Learn something new. Don’t be afraid to become skilled in a new field, especially if it will be valuable to your present job. You can explore available training within your company and scout external training and seminars. Talk with your boss about your ideas and get his or her approval. It will help your professional growth.

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