Should Mark Give Up?

Should Mark Give UpLast week, a Daily Success Boost reader sent me the following message.
(Let's call him "Mark" – I changed his name for privacy reasons.)
It breaks my heart when I receive messages like this, but I wanted to share it with you today because I know there are a lot of "Marks" reading this now.
Here it is:

When in the hell does the interview come along?
Because when you're 57, or in that age bracket, I don't care if you have a Ph.D. – I can tell you from experience, no one is looking at your application.
I guarantee it!!!
Now, I already sent a personal reply to Mark.
But I'll summarize my advice, here too, in case someone else is in this boat.
First of all, I know that when you're facing these kinds of challenges, it seems easy for someone like me to say to you: "Don't give up. Try something new."
And it sounds like a platitude.
But I've worked with tens of thousands of job seekers over the age of 50 – and I can tell you that it's not only 100% possible to land a new job over the age of 50 and get back on your feet, you can also land your DREAM job.
However, you need to try a different approach.
Because what you're doing right now isn't working for you.
Here's the thing:
When you're stuck in this situation alone, and you're sending out dozens of resumes and applications but rarely hearing anything back, it's easy to come to the conclusion something on your resume is putting employers off.
And, when you're over 50, the most obvious "issue" is your age – right?
But, like I've said, I've helped a LOT of people over the age of 50 land a job and bounce back into the world of work. (Some of them write in and share their stories with us.) So I have the benefit of seeing this from a different vantage point, and I can see that age is NOT your problem.
It's something else.
And, chances are, it's something you can change.
So Mark should definitely not give up.

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Alan Carniol

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