Advice for Mark

Advice for MarkRemember that blog the other day
"Should Mark give up trying to get a job?"
Well, over the last few days, I've received a flood of emails from other Daily Success Boost readers who, not too long ago, were in the exact same position:
Over the age of 50, struggle to get interviews (even though they have all the qualifications for the role and decades' worth of valuable experience) – and they're thinking about giving up on getting back into work again.
Can you relate?

If so, I want you to listen to what they have to say and consider their advice carefully. Other than removing names, none of this advice is edited.
Here goes:

Mark – Do not give up.
I started out as a temp in a financial services company (in line with my prior – although not recent – background) at age 53. After 9 months, this position became permanent. I have since been promoted, and my responsibilities have increased significantly.
By the way – somewhere along the line, I hired two lawyers, one as a temp (now 76) and one on a permanent basis (now 68). Each one was over 60 when hired.
It can be done.

Don't give up I am 59 today and I just accepted an offer after getting 3.

Hi Alan, I am almost 60 years old and landed a new job in September…
No one handed me my job, I had to work for it. So no, do not give up, ever!!

That's too sad. But, two years ago when I was 59, I used your program, got many interviews, and multiple job offers.
It's scary to absorb all of your material; but, it works.
I have people call me all the time for me to interview, and I'm not looking.

Hi Alan
Tell Mark it is possible. I've gotten 3 companies to hire me at 53 years of age. Within the last 3 years. So it is possible. FIND THE PROBLEM. Get a 3rd person to help you. You may be too close to see the problem.

This next message is a long one, but it's worth reading.

I am 57 and can relate completely with the age issues and long periods of unemployment. I'll be 58 in less than 2 months, but just a few days ago reached the one-year milestone at my job, plus earned $6000 in the last two week performance period, my personal record.
I too do not want to reveal too many specific details on my present employment but desire to share many recent and long-term lessons.
Recently, I've seen two different 25 year olds fail at the same marketing job. They failed because they didn't have discipline and desire and because they chose to not truly work hard to develop their skill set.
They party too much and come into work nursing a hangover, running off for food and beverages, holding their cell phones in their hands more times than not, and watching too much tv off the internet on the iPad which is there for true business purposes.
Everyone loves the young, myself included, but in this past year I have come to realize that many millennials are lazy, entitled, and definitely desire a big paycheck.
One piece of advice that I would give an unemployed me, is to find the employers who may be feeling the same way about America's young people today, and convince them of my work ethic.
Its so important to stay positive, keep trying, and keep yourself properly nourished. Remember that success is the journey and always be prepared to reinvent yourself. Dress properly, in fact, dress for success. Do your homework and research, luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Keep your computer skills current. Apply online everywhere and always, and in this one respect the world has changed.
Play close attention to personal grooming, as we get older, our vision may fail, and it's easy to not notice disgusting nose hairs, or eyebrows that have gone astray. Fingernails, haircuts and style, fitness and your smile all play a role in getting hired and getting the next chapter in your life to begin. There's a lot to be said for the power of prayer, and in this politically divided nation, it's very important to watch your remarks and not wear your politics on your sleeve. I personally am very excited about our new President, my 401k is already at 9k and recently reached 9% performance. Things are turning around in this nation, strap on your thinking cap and become engaged!

Please tell Mark to look for part-time positions. It's an easier way to get 'your foot in the door', not only for an interview but to be hired! Once 'in' , then apply for the job you really want.
Age is not a barrier once they get to know you, your dependability and your work skills and strengths.

I hope this helps.

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