Scratching a Potential Employer’s Burning Itch

Scratching a potential employers burning itchPreviously we discussed the strategy for finding hidden job opportunities through referrals.

That means reaching out and connecting with people – hiring managers, leaders, and peers, and even janitors who work for the organization that interests you.

Because they can help connect you with key people. They can also give you valuable intel that you can use to your advantage when you reach out to those key people.

So that’s the first strategy in a nutshell.

The second method for finding hidden jobs is the “burning itch” strategy. With this strategy, you're looking for organizations that have a burning itch that you are uniquely qualified to scratch.

I’m talking about your value proposition.

Your value proposition scratches the "burning itch” for companies you’re interested in joining.

It’s all about finding organizations who need people like you – organizations where your skills would add value and solve a problem, and where you'd be interested in working above all.

Unlike the first strategy that we discussed previously, where others introduce you to opportunities indirectly, strategy two is about looking for opportunities directly. There are lots of ways to do this, and I go into all of them in my Dream Job Formula program.

But it starts with a little research – finding companies online, finding the right person (there's a way to do this), and then reaching out to them with either an email, on LinkedIn, a letter, or other ways.

Again, this is something we cover in Dream Job Formula.

The point is this:

You need to have a stellar value proposition ready to go – it's the key that unlocks the doors to dream jobs.

However, as I mentioned before, I don't recommend joining Dream Job Formula right now. Why not? Because I have an amazing offer ready for you next week – and I don’t want you to miss out on it by acting too soon!

What you can do now, though, is start thinking about how you can implement my advice in this blog.

If you've followed along our blogs, you should now have a clear idea of what job you want. You probably also have a decent value proposition that you’ve carefully considered and developed.

So now, it’s time to think of ways that you can deploy your value proposition using the two main strategies we discussed today and yesterday.

Start by brainstorming about people you know (or used to know) in your circle or network who could potentially introduce you to opportunities or get you invited to an important party.

Then, look for companies online who may have a "burning itch" that you know you can scratch.

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Alan Carniol

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