But... I'm an introvert

But Im an introvertLet me ask you a question:

Are you an introvert?

Psychologists and sociologists estimate that between 30% and 50% of the population falls towards the introvert side of the "introvert-extrovert" spectrum.

Despite that, culture -- US culture especially -- is heavily biased towards extraverts. (I guess it's because they shout the loudest!) This means, from a young age, us introverts have been encouraged to fit the mold and act like extroverts. Those who don't are labelled "shy" or even "anti-social".

It gets worse though:

There's now an expectation that introverts "should" be shy, and that if you are introvert it's "normal" to suffer from social anxiety.

This just isn't true.

Introversion has absolutely NOTHING to do with confidence.

In fact, if you go and take a look at all the greatest leaders who ever lived, you'll see that most of them were introverts. Even the ones who are known for their charisma and confidence!

Here are just a few well known introverts:

Warren Buffett
Rosa Parks
Mark Zuckerberg
Hilary Clinton
Bill Gates
Mother Teresa
Barack Obama
Marissa Mayer
Mahatma Gandhi
Augustus Caesar
Abraham Lincoln
Nobody can ever accuse these people of being "shy". Yet, they are (or were) all introverts and they are (or were) all powerful leaders.

Introverts are passionate for their causes, excellent listeners, and bring an independent, thoughtful approach to any challenge they face. These are tremendous leadership qualities.

Does this mean extroverts don't make good leaders?

Absolutely not. (Extroverts have other leadership talents.)

However, what it does mean is this:

If you've been holding yourself back, if you've telling yourself "but... I'm an introvert", and if you believe that you're "supposed" to by shy and anxious, then I'm here to tell you that's not true.

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