Networking Tactics for Veterans

Networking Tactics for VeteransAs a veteran, you should know networking is a critical foundation of your job search. It should not be taken lightly, and you should know the purpose behind it. When poorly executed, it could backfire and affect your career in unexpected ways.

However, veterans do have an advantage in their job searches, since most Americans are willing to help when it comes to their careers. If you are a veteran, make sure you go the extra mile to connect with people and network effectively.

Here are some tips to help:

Know Yourself and Your Goal

Knowing who you are and what you want to accomplish is the first step in order to network effectively. When you have that, your next step is to create an effective elevator pitch.

Have a concise and clear goal that will be easy to understand. In this way, you can define your talents and background even more and be ready to highlight your qualifications when you come across the right people.

Take Inventory of Your Contacts

Organize your professional and personal contacts when preparing for a job search. You may be surprised how many contacts you have as you work to put everything in one place. And you never know — One of your contacts might be the key to a new opportunity you’ve dreamed of.

After organizing your contacts, analyzing them by what and who they know. Are they working in the same industry? How about their expertise? Prioritize those who are connected to your field to give yourself a comprehensive place to start.

Connect with People

You can talk to your contacts in person, by phone or interact with them on social media platforms.

Over directly asking for a job, seek to improve your knowledge and access sincerely to network effectively. Don’t be upset if there aren’t immediate job openings in the pipeline —you can still meet new connections along the way.

Understand Mutuality

Always remember that networking is a two-way street. Seek to build your network by thinking about what you can do for people as they work to help you. Make sure to keep your contacts updated on your progress.(This is a basic and essential courtesy you can use to your advantage.)

Everyone, not just veterans, should aspire to learn how to network effectively. It’s not only a job search tactic, but also a way to connect with others.

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