How to Use Facebook to Land a Job

How to Use Facebook to Land a Job As an applicant, you should know how to use Facebook to your advantage when it comes to looking for a job. Know how to put your best foot forward in uncovering job opportunities by following these tips:

Conduct an audit. Search for your name using Google and take note of what appears on the first page of the search results. Once you see your Facebook profile, scan your status updates.

If you see a globe next to the date, it means your posts are set to Public mode. If you don’t want everyone to see your updates, feel free to set your status to Friends Only or Private mode.

Know your privacy settings. It is best to set your profile so that it’s open to only to your friends and set it to Private if you don’t want people to search for your email or phone number. You can also change the settings if you don’t want your profile to show up in search engine results.

If you want employers to see your profile, be careful what you post online.

Stay professional. Don’t post anything in your profile that is unprofessional. Make it a point not to share too much information. Absolutely do not post status messages or profile info with profanity and/or provocative photos. And never post anything negative about your past employer.

Find job leads. You can use the Groups feature to find people in your field and local area. There could be companies in your town or city looking for employees with the same qualifications you have.

Fill out your profile. Make sure to complete your profile by filling in the work history and professional skills fields.

Build your network. Facebook is one of the most effective tools you can use to help you build and grow your network. Stay in touch with your college classmates, alumni and even high school acquaintances.

You can participate in discussions by occupation and interact with other people in the same field.

Take advantage of social media. Use Facebook to build your professional profile and look for opportunities. Your connections can help you discover a great job.

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