Moves That Will Damage Your Career

Moves That Will Damage Your CareerAlways keep your professional reputation in check to avoid missing job opportunities.

Here are some moves that can hold you back from being successful in your career:

1. Job Hopping

Hiring managers will likely put your resume aside if it is filled with a slew of jobs with short-term stays. Recruiters looking over your resume are likely to assume you won’t stick around for them, either. If you can’t keep a job longer than a year or two, it will be harder for you to get hired into the career you most want. To get on the right career track, work to build a stable work history.

If you have a tendency to job hop, you can change the pattern. Commit to stay in your current job longer for the sake of a better opportunity. If your goal has been to try out different jobs to see what fits you, or there were extenuating circumstances that prompted your frequent job changes, make that clear in your cover letter.

2. Leaving the job without notice. Walking away without giving your superior a heads-up is an unnecessarily burnt bridge. Resist the temptation to quit without notice (unless there is a justifiable reason—e.g., family emergency, health reasons).

Giving noticeshows respect. If you choose to leave a job without taking this professional step, you can lose a connection to references and valuable contacts that can help you on your career path.

3. Dating your manager or a subordinate. This can create tension due to possible bias and special treatment—or other forms of tension if the relationship goes sour. Dating co-workers may also be a violation of company policy. If the relationship becomes serious, one of you will likely need to find employment elsewhere.

4. Losing your temper. No matter how frustrated you may become on a bad day, there’s no excuse to slam doors, blow up at colleagues and put your anger on display for all to see. Needless to say, outbursts are uncomfortable for both staff and clientele, and can do serious damage to the company’s bottom line.

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