Mistakes that Could Cost You a Job Offer

Mistakes that Could Cost You a Job Offer It is normal for job seekers to feel stress about job interviews and the whole job-hunting process. Sometimes, that stress can trigger choices that won’t help them secure the jobs they want or need.

To avoid killing your chances of an offer, here are five mistakes to avoid:

1. Stating that you’re interested in accepting another job. This is an inappropriate thing to say to any potential employer. If you have multiple offers in play, absolutely avoid saying anything that could imply that the company you’re interviewing with isn’t on your shortlist. (After all, you could quickly discover during the interview that the company is the one you’d most like to work for.)

If you are considering multiple offers, face the situation with tact and diplomacy. Never play favorites. State that you have received other offers, and that you are giving them all equal consideration.

2. Misrepresenting your work. Don’t overdo it when it comes to making your past work sound impressive. It is important to be honest. If you aren’t, their research and your references will be. Discrepancies will raise red flags, and could ruin your chances.

3. Lying about your salary history. If you think you can get a higher salary by lying about past earnings, think again. Once a potential employer finds out you didn’t tell the truth, be prepared for an offer to be cancelled.

Lying doesn’t usually lead to the desired outcome. If it works initially, the truth will catch up. Employers use a variety of checks to verify a potential employee’s credibility.

No matter how stressed you are about a job interview, you can do well with the right preparation. You can always practice with a friend or mentor if you need help. When you’ve received a job offer, strive to be even more professional. Graciousness and attention to small details can be the deciding factors in securing the job.

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Alan Carniol

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