Marketing Principles to Further Your Career

Marketing Principles to Further Your Career Learn how to best promote your personal brand.

Marketing shouldn’t be limited to products and services. You can (and should) use several marketing principles to promote yourself and your personal brand. They can help you find work and even serve to help you earn a promotion.

Here are some marketing concepts you can apply to your career path:

Build your online presence. Put yourself on the map if you want to find your ideal job, or start your own business. You need to be able to convince employers and clients that you’re an expert in your field by making yourself visible online and offering your knowledge and expertise. Proper use of social media platforms, along with a business and/or resume website will help you create a strong presence online.

Be proactive. You won’t get results if you choose to wait for people or prospects to come to you. Being proactive is important if you want to advance your career. You can get started by talking to people, and by searching for opportunities by attending seminars, gatherings and events.

Follow up. Reach out to new acquaintances by sending a follow-up note or making a phone call. If you need to leave a message, refer to specific and relevant parts of your conversation to spark your contact’s memory. Their response may not be immediate. People are busy, so be patient.

Extend your gratitude. Always thank those who are helping you, no matter how small the favor. This applies to those who’ve referred you for a job, talked with you about your career development, or introduced you to someone at a company. You can express your gratitude by sending an email, handwritten note, or by taking them out for coffee or quick snack.

Build your network. No matter how busy you are, find the time to build your network and grow relationships. Tap into your connections regularly and evaluate who you want to keep in touch with. If you find your network is expanding considerably, you can use a calendar to help you keep in touch with everyone, whether on a personal or professional level.

These tips will help to grow your network and relationships over time. Make the effort to best to market yourself both in person and online to build a personal brand that’ll be worth checking out.

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Alan Carniol

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