Impressing Employers With Online Courses

Impressing Employers With Online CoursesFind out how to highlight your freshest skills to impress employers.

The new imperative is to keep up with today’s technology and globalization, and there is no way around it. Our knowledge and skills need to grow and change with the digital world.

If you are out of work and would like to learn new skills, consider taking online courses to gain certifications that can help you get the job you’ve dreamed of.

Online courses are a good way to spend your free time while looking for a job. Online schools have different payment model and platform types, and a variety of course offerings to help you learn new skills, master new software or begin your new business venture.

When your courses are complete, here’s how to impress your potential employers with your online certificate(s):

1. Update your LinkedIn

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s certification system. With it, you can show all the courses you’ve completed right in your profile. (Note that this function only works with courses from Udemy, EdX, Udacity and other online schools.)You can also add your certification manually under the “Courses” tab.

2. Apply What You’ve Learned

Don’t just tell your employers what you’ve learned. Build something that will showcase your new skills. Consider creating a portfolio website to show off your best work. If you’re in the app development field, why not publish an app that demonstrates your knowledge? You can even create an app that addresses a specific need within a company you’re interested in working for.

3. Blog About It

You can document your learning process and how you’re improving as you continually take online classes. This is a great way to tell a story—of having started with a limited set of skills, and growing to become a more effective employee. A diverse tool kit is important to reach your career goals, and will attract the attention of potential employers who are looking for proactive employees like you.

Just because you’ve been in a field for a number of years doesn’t mean there’s nothing new to learn. In this fast-paced society, choose to go the extra mile. Push yourself to learn new skills and reach your career goals as you work to broaden your knowledge and expertise.

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