Managing Your Job Search Online

Job Search Online If you’re a job seeker who has embraced the power of the Internet in conducting your search, you have probably realized that it’s overwhelming. The Internet is vast and has many places where you can find a job, so you will need to manage your search.

Posting multiple versions of your resume online?

Trying your luck and hoping that someone will notice you by posting your resume in online databases is not the most productive strategy. Haphazardly posting multiple versions of your resume isn’t really going to help you.

A more productive approach is to find specific jobs that you’re qualified for. Create a carefully tailored resume for these job postings. If you’re applying for positions in multiple industries, it’s important to keep track of these. Create a spreadsheet tracking the job posting or company name, position, and which version of your resume you submitted. You may also want to keep track of the date you submitted your application.

Create one online presence

Having multiple versions of your online identity is the same as submitting multiple versions of your resume in online databases. It’s a recipe for disaster because you don’t know which profile they are looking at. It might be the one that you have yet to update for a while now. Aside from this, it’s also harder to maintain multiple profiles. If you stick to one online profile, you only need to update that one. Then you can have the peace of mind that what they are seeing is something you want them to see.

Create a professional/portfolio website

This may not be applicable to every industry, but if your finances allow it or you have the know-how to create one, then do so. Having a website gives you the ability to show everything you have in your professional career in one convenient location. It also gives you creative freedom to showcase your skills and portfolio according to your preferences and the image you want to present to potential employers.

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Alan Carniol

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