Five Ways to Help Your Network Think of You

Job Search StrategiesWhen searching for a job, you need all the help you can get. But how can your friends help you if they don’t think of you whenever they see a job opening? The people in your network meet people every day, and these people also meet other people who could possibly help you get a job. To get people to help you, there is no need to beg them to do it.

There is another, much better way to do this, and that is to get them thinking of you. Always remind them that you are looking for a job. If you are wondering how to go about it, here are some ideas:

Be an active participant – There are Facebook and LinkedIn groups, forums, and other online venues you regularly visit. Take advantage of the relationships you have built in these channels by being an active participant. Share your knowledge by answering questions, or share content you found that they may also be interested in.

Make regular status updates – If you’re thinking of posting things like “Still can’t find a job” or “I can’t get any interview,” you’ve got the wrong idea. You want your network to be reminded of your job search efforts, so actively post about the progress of your search, as in: “Preparing for a big interview next week” or “Met with Mr. X today.”

Get out there – Actively engaging online is a great way to remind your network of your search, but nothing beats networking in person. Go to community events when you can; it gives you a chance to meet new people and build new relationships.

Be sociable – Don’t turn your social networking accounts into your little personal classifieds page. While you want to keep your network thinking of you, you should also use these websites as they were meant to be used. Try sharing or commenting on content that you find interesting.

Keep building – As you build relationships, continue to nurture them. Don’t let an acquaintance stay that way—build a friendship.

Make use of these suggestions to keep your network thinking of you. That way, the next time they come across a job opening, they will think of you and let you know about it.

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Alan Carniol

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