It's Been More Than a Month – Should I Follow-up?

Its Been More Than a Month Should I Follow upA while back, we received an interesting question from "Francis"

I've been through 2 interviews for a position which I believe I am both highly qualified and interested in! My dream job!

But, at the end of the last interview, they told me they will revert to me shortly... it's been more than a month now that I am waiting for the decision....

I sent an email for an update and got no answer... should I forget about this opportunity?

Here's my two cents' worth of advice:

What Francis is experiencing here is the infamous "black hole" that we've all experienced. And there's only one way to deal with the black hole, and that is to put yourself out there and get more job opportunities.

(At this point, it definitely won't hurt Francis to send a follow-up email or to pick up the phone and try to speak to someone there.)

Now, she might hear back from these interviewers.

On the other hand, she might not.

Either way, when a company doesn't have the courtesy to update you on your application, there's nothing really you, I, or Francis can do about it.

And, let's be honest: why would you want to work for an organization that treats eager and honest applicants like crap anyway?

You deserve better than that.

In situations like this – when your application is trapped in the black hole and you find yourself waiting weeks or months for a response – the best thing you can do is to put yourself in a position where you're indifferent.

Indifferent, not because you don't want the role but because you authentically have so many great job opportunities you don't know what to do with them.

What's the best way to get more job opportunities?

The "private" job market.

It's where 85% of hires are made, and most of the roles that are "advertised" here never make it to the public job market.

Now, there's a method you can use to find, research, and reach out to hiring managers (cold – using email, LinkedIn, etc.), make a solid and positive impression quickly, and put yourself in the running for jobs.

This process works consistently and reliably. However, you have to go through all of the steps properly and in the right order.

Dream Job Formula shows you how to do this.

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Alan Carniol

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