Interviewers are Watching Out for This

Interviewers are Watching Out for ThisDo you have a job interview coming up in the next few days? How are you preparing yourself for this important day?

If you’ve recently been called to interviews but didn’t get an offer right after, then you might be doing something wrong while you’re talking with the hiring manager. To stop this vicious cycle, take time to evaluate your job interviews in the past and figure out what went wrong in the first place.

To help you out, here's something I want you to be mindful about in your next interview:

When you're answering questions, what you say is obviously very important. However, experienced interviewers are trained to also listen to the "emotional signals" behind your words. And it's something they do well.        

One of the emotional signals they're looking out for is victim mentality.           

Candidates give off a "victim mentality" vibe when they seem to implicitly blame others, or even circumstances, for the cause of their misfortunes.           

We all suffer failures and misfortunes, of course.

But when your first instinct, your impulse, is to look externally and blame someone or something else for where you are right now, you're identifying (unconsciously) as a victim. Skilled interviewers can spot this impulse.

Be caref-ul about the emotional signals you give off during interviews.       

The best way to not give off a victim mentality vibe is to not be a victim. It's easier said than done, especially if you're in a tough spot right now. But if you can decide, today, to take complete ownership of where you are, you're no longer a victim. Interviewers, no matter how sharp, won't be able to detect even the slightest hint of a victim mentality. Why?

Because there is none.      

I was thinking about this while playing trying to play the guitar this morning.

(Long story, but I "inherited" my aunts old guitar and I just got it back from the repair shop. I'm teaching myself how to play. The cats like listenig to me.)
I hope this insight helps in your next interview

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Alan Carniol

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