How to Write a KILLER Resume Today!

How to Write a KILLER Resume TodayJust how do you set yourself apart from all the other applicants when it comes to your resume?

As you might recall from my previous messages, most resumes are more or less ignored by HR personnel and hiring managers.


Because, if you take out the names, almost all resumes look the same.

Having excellent skills and experiences may not be enough if you don’t know how to present them in your resume.

Now, if you’re a regular reader of Daily Success Boost, chances are you have a unique combination of valuable skills to offer an employer. You might also have a very professional looking resume.

However, if you aren’t getting calls for interviews – despite your skills and experience – it might be time to refresh the look, feel and flow of your resume, so it stands out from the competition, showcases your value correctly, and avoids positioning you as a “me too” candidate.

You wouldn’t want your resume to end up at the bottom of the pile, together with all the other resumes that don’t stand out. If you really want to get the attention of the hiring manager, there should be something unique with your resume that attracts the hiring manager.

A while back, I shared the story of “Carolyn” with you, and we talked about how she was able to make sure her resume didn’t look the same as everyone else’s. (If you missed it, you might want to search your inbox for the email.)


She made a few phone calls and uncovered all the info she needed to make her resume jump out. She then used this info to communicate, succinctly, all the qualities the hiring manager was looking for – qualities for which the HR personnel had been "primed" to notice.

Now, that’s one way to stand out, and it’s very effective. There are other ways too, and I recommend you use them.

After all, I want you to have every advantage possible to help you get the job you deserve.

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Alan Carniol

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