I was hired! OMG!

I was hired OMGI promised you a crazy interview story.
This one is from Sarah. I'm going to let her tell it:
I have been teaching for over twenty-five years, but when I moved I needed to find another school.

I was prepared pretty well for my interview, but I got really shaky on my answers. The more errors I made, the more nervous I got, but I was still treading water until they asked me to demonstrate how I would teach math to an English Language Learner (used to be called ESL).
This was completely impromptu.
No warning, no preparation, just teach.
I got up to the board and blanked out. My ears were ringing, I could only see white in front of my eyes. Nothing came to mind, but I kept trying to think of something.
Then, one of the interviewers gave me a topic. I couldn't think how I would teach that to ELL kids, but I kept trying to think of something.
They all had warm encouraging smiles, but I still couldn't think of anything. I tried to write a few things, but finally I just sat down.
The principal said things like, "it is natural to feel nervous", and "I like that you didn't just give up", etc. but I knew that wasn't going to get me the job.
I got a phone call a day or two later and it was the principal. She wanted me to do a demonstration lesson for one of the ELL classes.
Now that was what I am good at.
I had a great lesson. Then she asked me to do another with a different type of student. That was even better.
I was hired! OMG!
She told me later that the reason she hired me was because I had a sweetness about me. The other two people on the interviewing committee said later that they felt that way, too. I know that if I had messed up the demonstration lesson, I wouldn't have gotten the job, but I don't think they would have asked me to do a demo lesson if they hadn't seen me as a good person.
There's a lesson in there, and it goes back to what I said before: Don't ever give up, even if you think you blew it.

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