How to Use Alternate Headings in Your Resume

How to Use Alternate Headings in Your Resume You can use different headings in your resume, depending on the position you are applying for.

Because several alternate headings can be applied to a resume, you should know how to highlight achievementsand your skills section in a functional style. It is important to showcase different accomplishments, though not all have to be work-related. You can also include experiences from your volunteer work, internships and positions within organizations.

Some headings that can be used to spotlight achievement-related elementsinclude qualifications, select leadership highlights, telecommunication highlights, highlights of value offered, your skill summary, strengths,accomplishments and experience.


An internship can be included with a separate heading, especially if the experience is related to your target job. You can also use a heading for an internship if you don’t have a work history yet.

Certifications, Training, Professional Training & Licenses

Include certifications that can add credibility to your standing. However, make sure the certifications are still valid — Some may no longer be relevant to the position you are pursuing.

You can easily be set apart from other candidates if you have any additional training or licensing beyond your formal education, especially if the licensing requires prerequisites to obtain, so be sure to include this information if the position requires specific training or certifications. (You may actually be up for immediate disqualification for not doing so.)

Computer and Technical Skills

Computer literacy is a must.Don’t forget to let the employer know you are capable of using a computer. For jobs that require an intimate knowledge of specific computer software, make sure to list your experience with it on your resume. Include any computer languages and programs that are still relevant.


If you can communicate in any foreign languages, include this in a prominent location on your resume. You may have a significant advantage among other candidates if you are bilingual or multilingual.

Academic Honors & Awards

List academic honors you have received in the past that can be useful for the position or industry you are currently pursuing.

Professional Affiliations, Memberships & Organizations

Any leadership roles and positions within organizations related to your target job should be included on your resume. List your duties within each and how long you were a member of those organizations. This will help demonstrate that you are familiar with the field, giving youa greater edge over others applying for the same position.

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