How to Rev Up a Stalled Job Search

Cover Letter Donts Applying to any job and hoping everything will turn out the way you imagined is not enough to land the job you want.

There are a lot of applicants out there whothink they are doing what they need to do to get a job, yet they end up being unemployed much longer than expected. If this is happening to you, then it’s probably time to take your job search to the next level.

To help, here are some common job hunter attitudes and actions that typically need some tweaking:

1. “I’ll do anything.” This can make you sound desperate. If you’re using this statement during interviews, stop. It doesn’t communicate that you have something special to offer.

Remember that companies want to hire people who know what their talents and skills are. You must fit defined areas of expertise, education and experience as stated in the job description.

2. “I just found you online. Can you give me consideration at your company?” Asking a stranger to place his credibility and reputation on the line by vouching for you is, in most cases, not a good idea. Asking this of someone (especially someone you don’t know) is both desperate and rude.

Instead, you should make efforts toward growing and maintaining your network and keeping your connections close. Attend different conventions, and connect with people on LinkedIn. You never know when an opportunity will come knocking.

3. “I’ll get a recruiter to get me a job.” Hiring someone to get you a job is not always the answer. Find time to look for a job on your own if you really want to build your career. After all, you know what you’re looking for! A recruiter may miss the mark.

Look for different roles and figure out what the best fit will be. What are your skills? Do you have enough experience? How different are you from other job hunters applying for the same position? You’ll find the drive to look for a job once you understand your value.

Hopefully these tips will help you adjust your style when it comes to job hunting. Exert more effort and get to know your strengths. When you do it will be easier to be more confident in yourself when the right opportunity comes along.

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Alan Carniol

Alan is the creator of Interview Success Formula, a training program that has helped more than 80,000 job seekers to ace their interviews and land the jobs they deserve. Interviewers love asking curveball questions to weed out job seekers. But the truth is, most of these questions are asking about a few key areas. Learn more about how to outsmart tough interviewers by watching this video.