Communication Skills to Highlight on Your Resume and on the Job

Communication Skills to Highlight on Your Resume and on the JobClaiming skills isn’t truly useful until you know how to demonstrate them.

Communication skills are essential when it comes to looking for a job. Whether the primary communication forms you’ll use are oral, written, public presentations, or confidential memos, you should get yourself acquainted with effective ways to communicate.

The ability to get along with your colleagues and supervisors is a requirement in any business. To be able to relate to people, you must exercise excellent communication skills to get your point across effectively.

To wow a potential employer, aim to possess the following communication skills:


You should consider fine-tuning your writing skills. You’ll need them to write a short and concise resume.(If a future job requires PowerPoint presentations, you’ll need to know how to effectively draft those, too.) When writing, know your audience, the intended and potential impact of your composition, and evaluate what positive results your work will produce.


This skill is very much needed if the company wants you to help other employees improve their performance. If you need to share your knowledge and experience with others, you must be able to get your point across to a variety of people.

In some instances, you can take advantage of using bullet points when presenting data for presentation and clarification. You can provide one-on-one coaching for employees based on their individual needs.


For this skill, you must know how to measure processes in order to have organized, clear results that customers, employees and executives can understand. You must get everyone to conform to those processes to achieve quantifiable results.


This may be the hardest to learn and effectively practice among the three, since you need to be able to persuade the other party in order to get a colleague or colleagues to agree with you. Back up presented info and arguments with facts —it will help people reach the appropriate conclusion.

There are, of course, other communication skills that will be helpful for you when it comes to facilitating meetings, problem solving, marketing and hosting other common workplace activities — this article covers only a few. Utilize these skills in order to build your career and put it on the right path.

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