How to Keep Your Skills Fresh

How to Keep Your Skills Fresh Find out how to stay motivated while you’re on break from your working environment.

Are you currently on break from work? Whether planned or unexpected, you can still gain something from it by remaining engaged professionally.

However, you must motivate yourself to maintain a positive outlook while you’re unemployed. It is easy to feel upset and frustrated, so you must ensure you’re not falling behind. Keep in mind that it’ll be more difficult to find a job if you have a negative (or desperate) perspective.

Here are some ways to connect with your network professionally:

1. Maintain intellectual connections. If you get laid off, make sure you can move on quickly so you won’t end up wallowing in self-pity. If you want to get over a job loss, continue to believe in yourself on a professional level.

Don’t hesitate to keep in touch with your former colleagues and meet up with them once in a while. Feel free to give them a call or send emails from time to time.Your connections are important for your career path and mindset.

2. Improve your personal branding. A job loss may leave you witha lot of time on your hands, so take that time to strengthen your online presence by overhauling your social media profiles. Make sure all information is uptodate.

You may want to build your own website to show other facets of your professional and personal life and preparefor your next career move.

3. Stick with your field. Stayinvolved with your current industry if you’re still interested in working in the same field. Make sure to stay updated on the latest industry trends by keeping up with blogs, articles, podcasts, and attending professional events related to your expertise.

Why not take free online courses to gain more knowledge and skills? There are a variety of available courses on the Internet.

4. Flex your expertise. Keep your mind and knowledge fresh and active by blogging. There are multiple blogging platforms available for use. Though there is no guarantee your blog will receive a lot of traffic, post creative content as much as you can to show off your expertise. You can also use your blog to engage people with the same interests, allowing you to build your network.

5. Volunteer. Find an organization you believe in and volunteer some of your time to it. Helping others makes a genuine impact that benefits everyone. And when it comes time for your next job interview, you can talk about your experiences andwhat you learned.

A job loss is just a circumstance. Set goals while you’re unemployed to better your life and career.

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