Effective Tips for a Successful Online Job Search

Effective Tips for a Successful Online Job SearchAre you tired of sending resumes without getting a single interview? Perhaps these tips can help boost your chances.

Today, most people are accustomed to submitting resumes online. They often hope for results in a week or two.

But they often miss important steps.

Don’t send a generic resume in response to every online advertisement you see. Don’t think of sending more resumes as a way of increasing your chances of getting hired. Too many other people are doing the same thing — and also getting nowhere.

Before you find yourself at a loss and throw up your hands in despair, here are some tips to help you get back on track when it comes to looking for a job online:

1. Network. No matter how uncomfortable you may feel when meeting new people, it’s important to make an effort to network both in person and online. Attend networking events and seminars, and look for opportunities to participate in different professional organizations. This will give you a chance to introduce yourself to people in your field, enlarging your network while you practice your social skills at the same time.

2. Narrow your applications. Look for positions that will suit you best. Check the job descriptions carefully to determine if you can fulfill the position you are applying for. It may be a waste of time if you send out a resume for a job that’s out of your reach.

Maximize the use of your time by looking for available positions that will make you a legitimate potential candidate.

3. Research the company you wish to apply to. You can use LinkedIn and other platforms to look for people who have or are working in the company you’re interested in. Reach out to them to find out more information. Just remember to build relationships first before asking for favors, and find ways to reciprocate their kindness.

4. Make use of your network. If you already have a sizable network, don’t be afraid to ask people about the company you’re applying to. You might find your way in if you get lucky. You can also ask if the company has an employee referral program. Connecting with company employees that can refer you can give you an advantage over submitting your resume unsolicited.

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