How to Establish Solid Connections for New Networkers

How to Establish Solid Connections for New NetworkersLearn how to make relevant connections to let more job opportunities come your way.

Networking is all about creating new relationships and establishing connections, and it is essential for career advancement or gaining access to new industries and clients alike. However, there are a lot of new applicants that don’t know how to handle brushing shoulders with new contacts.

When it comes to networking, you should always have an elevator pitch ready. This is how you can make a connection in a brief and concise way. Once you’ve managed to break the ice, establish a more solid and productive relationship by following the tips below:

1. Build Credibility

Your elevator pitch can only do so much. You must be able to build credibility by explaining the results you have achieved for your clients, and illustrating how your process works in detail by quickly sharing a specific situation you’ve faced.

You can name-drop in a sincere way that doesn’t come across as bragging. This lets your new connections know how you’ve managed to deal with reputable companies and clients alike.

You can even share testimonials to demonstrate and prove your point. Feel free to let them try your product or go through your program to experience it firsthand.

2. Build Trust

Change your view if you think you can convince people to hand over important information within a few hours of chatting. You have to get to know people first. It’s best to see and understand others’ needs in order to know if you can benefit from the relationship mutually.

When meeting new connections, don’t forget to follow up with them after a few days. Thank them for their time and try to ask them out for a quick lunch or coffee. Meet them as soon as possible in order not to lose momentum. You can even send them articles covering the topics you both discussed that will benefit their business.

3. Learn how to give and take.

Realize that networking is a two-way street. You have to know how to start with small requests while building trust and credibility in the long run. Know how to ask proper favors during the right time, and never be hasty in the effort to get what you want.

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