5 Mistakes that Will Send Your Resume to the Reject File

5 Mistakes that Will Send Your Resume to the Reject FileAvoid these pitfalls to get your resume sent to the right people.

Your resume is the first determining factor in the path toward a job interview, so it’s very important to create a strong and compelling resume that stands out among the rest.

To get your resume right, here are some common mistakes to avoid:

1. Being overqualified and not stating it in your cover letter. If you think your experience is far beyond what the role calls for, make sure to include it in your cover letter. Failure to do so can make it look like you’ve misunderstood the job posting.

You can still apply for the job even if you’re overqualified as long as you explain your interest in fulfilling the role.

2. Resume that’s too long. Stick to a single page. Attention spans are getting shorter, and recruiters are busy. A lengthy resume won’t increase the strength of your candidacy.

If you have recently graduated, a single-page resume is absolutely appropriate. If you’re an experienced employee, up to two pages is acceptable, but do not hand in a resume longer than two pages.

3. Not enough information about your work history. Make sure to include details about what you did in each job, and be sure to include your work achievements.

At the same time, don’t reveal so much information that your hiring manager moves on to the next resume. You only need to include highlights that will make your resume look good.

4. Not including dates. Even if you’re trying to avoid age discrimination, don’t leave dates off. They are a standard part of a resume, and their absence can raise other suspicions as well. If you have experience to offer, recruiters need to know.

5. Sending generic resumes. If you’re applying to every job opening you see, chances are you’re hurting your chances of getting hired. Instead, look for jobs that interest you. Employers only want applicants whose work experience is a strong match for the roles they want to fill.

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