Embarrassing Mistakes Not to Make on LinkedIn

Embarrassing Mistakes Not to Make on LinkedIn Learn how to use the LinkedIn platform to your advantage.

LinkedIn should be a positive place to build your personal brand and attract hiring managers to recruit you. However, it may not work for you if you don’t know how to handle it the right way.

Here are several mistakes people make on LinkedIn:

1. Sending generic connection requests. Make sure to customize the text inyour connection request emails. It’s smarter to make the message personal and remind someone how you both are connected.

It can seem a bit rude to send out generic requests. Personalized messages will leave a better impression and will help develop your connections the right way.

2. Asking a random contact to recommend you for a job. This is definitely unacceptable. You’re asking someone to put his or her reputation on the line for you. A recommendation is not a small favor to ask—especially of someone you’ve never met.

3. Asking random connections to write you recommendations. Never ask a stranger online to write a recommendation for you. Use genuine references that can help you win the job you want. Don’t let strangers be put in an awkward position where they have to write something about someone they don’t know.

4. Uploading a not-so-professional photo. This shouldn’t need an explanation. Since you want to build a professional brand, strive to look your best in your uploaded photo. There is no need to pay a photographer to take your picture as long as you have a professional-looking headshot.

5. Using LinkedIn as a dating site. You’ve signed up for LinkedIn to build your professional network, look for job opportunities and meet new contacts in the industry. Don’t use the platform for anything other than your career—It can make people uncomfortable. If you do, users can report you for sending inappropriate messages.

If you’ve been looking to advance your career, LinkedIn is a great place to get started. Happy job hunting!

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Alan Carniol

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