Benefits of Negotiating After a Job Offer

Benefits of Negotiating After a Job Offer Before starting a new job, consider negotiating other important factors before you sign on.

If you’ve received an offer but you’re not too happy with the proposed salary, you can always negotiate with the employer, as long as you have solid information in hand. You can prepare by talking to people in the same industry (or ideally in the company you’ve applied to) to get an idea of what employees are typically offered for the job.(Keep in mind that your market value is based on your level of experience over the years.)

Here are some of the key benefits you may want to negotiate before accepting the offer:


This is one of the most important factors to negotiate. Taking into account your experience level and location, thoroughly research the salary range of the job. Stick to facts when negotiating your pay — Leave emotion out of the discussion.

Relocation Expenses

Thesrmust be negotiated before you accept an offer. The company may not be willing to reimburse relocation costs, and this can be the one point that ultimately stands between a yes or no. (If you’re still willing to move after finding out the company won’t help with relocation costs, do your research on how much you will have to spend to successfully move.


You might have to choose whether you want to make salary or vacation your main negotiation point. If you prioritize vacation over your salary, make sure you know how to emphasize your productivity and how you’ll maintain it. Discuss it with the HR department or your future manager. Time off should not be taken lightly — It can be important for your overall health.

Performance Reviews

If you want more control of your career path, ask the employer to hold an initial six-month performance review instead of waiting for a whole year. Be ready to discuss what you can offer to the table and how you can be of use to the company. This shows commitment, and will also help you perform better on the job.

Signing Bonus

Instead of paying a higher salary, some companies prefer paying a signing bonus. You may have to take some extra time to consider this. Research the company’s steps in salary, their time frames, and other potential bonus payouts. Determine an approximate figure before you accept the offer.

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