Doing Job Search During the Holidays

Holiday Job SearchIt is commonly believed is that during the holidays no one hires and everybody is too busy with reunions, parties, and nonstop events. Yes, it is true that everybody is busy with their schedules, but during the holidays companies also slow down their pace. It is a time when employers can finally have time to settle other company matters—including hiring.

A big advantage of continuing your job search during the holidays is that everybody stops due to the common notion that no hiring occurs during this time. This is why you can put yourself ahead of the pack by not stopping your job search. Here are some awesome tips on how to take advantage of the holiday spirit when looking for a job.


With everybody busy preparing for the holidays, attending events and parties, or shopping for gifts, you may be invited for an interview at a rather unexpected time or location. Be ready to take advantage of these situations.


It’s the perfect time to reconnect with past friends, classmates, professors, or neighbors. Look them up via your favorite social networks, text, or e-mail. The holidays are an ideal time to catch up with these people and let them know about your current situation.

Send a Holiday Card

Today, it’s all about gadgets and technology, but there are still people who appreciate something more personal than an e-mail or text, like a holiday card. People still appreciate the effort of writing them a letter. Whatever your reason for leaving, send holiday cards to former employers, and you might rekindle your working relationship one more time.

Attend Parties

Fill your schedule with as many parties as possible. Why? It’s a room filled with possible employers or co-workers. Take advantage of the numerous holiday parties by using them to help your job search.

Follow Up

You may have been on a short list, but somehow the boss is so busy and still hasn’t made a decision yet, instead opting to do it after the holidays. Do yourself a big favor and remind that employer that you are ready. They might have forgotten about the list, and by following up, you refresh their memory of you.

Take a Holiday

There are just times when you also need to take a break. Take time to relax and refresh. You’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish by giving yourself a break, too.

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