Boost Your Job Search With Google—Here’s How

Boost Your Job Search With GoogleWithout a doubt, Google is the go-to tool when it comes to searching for — well, just about anything under the sun. But did you know that you can use their specialized features to boost your job application?


Knowing the ins and outs of Google is important — It can help you find and analyze information, making it easier for you to be discovered by recruiters.

Try these techniques to boost your job search:

Use Google Search to the fullest. Take advantage of this tool to look for specific people, companies, job openings and other opportunities you might be interested in.

For an effective search, look up “Boolean Search” on Google to learn more about Google Searching.

A few tips for more effective searches.Including two or more words within quotes for highly specific searches may be quite confusing to Google. Use the words “And”, “Or” and “Not” when searching. Keep in mind that “Sales Job Chicago” versus “sales job AND Boston” will generate different results.

Understand custom Google search. If you want to be found online easily, create a personal website that includes your resume in one to two formats. Feel free to upload a portfolio of your work and use keywords and tags related to your content. This will be helpful if you want to reach a bigger audience.

Get comfortable with Google Custom Search. There are a lot of companies that use this tool when it comes to finding online resumes that are formatted in Word, PDF and PowerPoint with specific keywords.

Use Google Maps. You can use this tool to target specific companies. You may need to sign up for a free Google account to save custom maps with pin drops and locate all the companies you have in mind.

You can use search words such as “marketing companies near (your zip code)” in order to find more companies around your area. You can easily see the addresses, websites and phone numbers of the companies you’re interested in.

For a more organized search, you may want to keep the information in a spreadsheet to track which companies you have applied to previously.

Set Google Alerts.This tool will help you keep track of updates in your field, target companies, social events and other postings from individuals you are following. Staying up to date is important if you want to strengthen your job search.

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