Things that Make You a Weirdo to Recruiters

Things that Make You a Weirdo to RecruitersHaving strong qualifications isn’t enough to win a job. It is important for recruiters to see and like your personality. In the effort to get noticed, people sometimes go too far. Here are a few behaviors you (really) want to avoid in your job search:

Sending gifts to the hiring manager. This is not the best way to stand out. Sending gifts puts recruiters in an awkward spot. Plus, it can be seen as just plain tacky (and ineffective).

Showing up without an appointment. Asking to meet with the hiring manager without making an appointment is extremely impolite. People are busy — especially recruiters and managers. Showing up without an invitation won’t help you be seen as a wonderful potential employee.

Including a warning line in your cover letter. Some candidates actually include a warning to employers not to contact them unless they can meet specific conditions. Employers want people who work well with others, and making demands, especially if you haven’t been invited for an interview, won’t get you on the shortlist of desirable candidates.

Using a shared email when applying. You need to have your own email account when applying for a job. This should be obvious. Need we say more?

Offering not to get paid. Don’t ever offer to work for free for a specific range of time in order to prove yourself. (It’s actually illegal to work without pay.)Offering to work without pay may give an impression that you are not that qualified for the job, or it may simply make you look desperate.

Answering questions from your notes. It’s good to have notes as a guide, but you shouldn’t recite them word for word in response to every question. Take the time to rehearse days before the interview to calm your nerves and loosen up your speaking skills.

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Alan Carniol

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