7 Mistaken Beliefs about Your Job Search

Mistaken Beliefs about Your Job Search When looking for a job, it’s important to lean more toward optimism, rather than entertaining negative thoughts.At the same time, being overly confident makes you overly reliant on ego — which isn’t a good thing. Believe it or not, your thoughts can impact your chances of becoming employed. If negativity persists, you’ll see yourself back at square one.

Most jobseekers have a set of beliefs about how the hiring process will turn out. Change your beliefs about your job search to avoid frustration and depression and keep a level outlook.

Here are seven of the most common misguided beliefs job seekers often have when looking for a job:

“I deserve an interview — I fit the job description.” Some may feel pretty confident about how a position fits their skills and background. However, you have to keep in mind that there are other perfectly qualified candidates who also applied for the job.

“I’ll get the job offer — the interview went well.” Don’t ever let a good interview convince you that the offer is in the bag. There may be other candidates who came through even better than you did. Perhaps the company has an internal candidate they prefer. Whatever the circumstances may be, there’s no way to know from the outside.

Assuming you’ll hear something from them in about a week. Recruiters are busy, and every company has a different hiring process and timeline. If they say you’ll hear something from them in a week or so, don’t expect them to keep their word.Instead, assume double or triple the given timeline.

Giving up on the job when you haven’t heard anything yet. Though it is possible that you may not have gotten the job, remember that some companies take months before they make a decision.

Not searching for a job because you’re confident you’re going to get this one. Don’t consider slowing down your search.Keep showing up to interviews.You never know what opportunity awaits you.

Looking for a creative way to stand out to employers.There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make a strong impression and stand out.However, gimmicks like fancy resume design or giving gifts to recruiters won’t make up for a lack of qualifications. Instead, write a good cover letter and include your skills and experience in your resume.

A graduate degree makes you a more desirable candidate. Some employers may find your degree irrelevant if you’re in a field that doesn’t really require it. Sometimes it can make you less competitive — some employers may question why you want a job outside your degree field.

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